• How to do a Hot Towel Shave at home. Hot shaving tips from The Shave Doctor!

    Hi Gents

    We believe that most of you have already Your Shave Doctor Groomingbox at home but maybe only few of you were brave enough to try out the hot towel shave with the Dovo Shavette and other products from your grooming set. We are here to help you and give you some courage. You may be sure that you have now in your bathroom the very professional shaving kit for real Men and now it's time to deal with it.  

    What you will need to the hot towel shave with a straight razor is:

    A straight razor - Dovo Shavette, a shaving brush, traditional shaving cream or soap, after shave, a mug /shaving bowl and a towel. 

    Dovo blade insertion

    Before applying a lather, insert the blade into the razor. Watch how our friends at do it: 

    Dovo Shavette is a special type of straight razor which has disposable blades, so you don't need a leather strap which is necessary for traditional straight razors. Be very careful when you change the blade. Watch our YouTube channel to see more videos in this theme. 

    Before shaving scrub your face

    Use the face scrub wash from Shave Doctor to remove dead skin cells and open pores. Watch how Mark Sproston aka Shave Doctor does it:

    Hot towel 

    When your razor is ready, wet your Greensmile bamboo towel with a a hot water or just dip it in the boiled water. Bring it out and wrap with it the face. Do not use too hot water, to not burn yourself. 

    How to do a hot towel shave at home? 

    Apply a lather

    Use the Shave Doctor shaving oil and shaving cream. You can use them both - first apply your shaving oil and then cream. Make a mixture with a brush, in the mug from Benjamin Barber, using The Shave Doctor cream and some water. Apply a lather on your face using the brush.


    Now time to find the right grip. Pick up your razor and rest the first three or two fingers (optional) on the back of your blade. Rest the rest one or two on the helve. Place your thumb on the side of the blade near the middle. THis grip gives you nice control of the razor.

    The Shave Stroke

    Begin with slow even strokes and shave in the direction of your beard growth. 

    30 Degree Angle 

    Hold the blade at the 30 degree angle. 


    Apply very little pressure at the beginning when you start shaving. Let the weight of the razor do the work. Dovo Shavette is a light razor so you need to adjust the pressure to expected result. Not to hard to cut, not to light to miss your shave. Make your motions vertical - from the top to the bottom. Then start your shaving from your right cheek, if you are right handed.

    Watch the instructional video by Art of Manliness:

    After shaving

    Use The Shave Doctor after shave cooling lotion when your shave is done. If you have any cuts use the shaving Alun stick from and Proraso styptic gel. Now when you are relaxed you can do your shopping at: or using the voucher from your new Groomingbox. 

    Follow our YouTube channel to see more instructional videos. YouTube/Groomingboxcom 

    Have a good Shave Gents! 
    Groomingbox team

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