• PROMiXX. The Original Vortex Mixer in Groomingbox PLAYER

    Introducing the world's most advanced sports bottle!

    The PROMiXX™ Vortex Mixing Technology™ effortlessly mixes your nutritional supplements with the touch of a button, creating the world’s smoothest supplement mixes, shakes and drinks.

    The Power of Nature Unleashed in Your Hand
    PROMiXX™ fluid dynamics unleashes the incredible mixing power of nature’s vortex, for the smoothest blends on the planet.

    Lumpy shakes, powdery supplement drinks and time consuming mixes are now a thing of the past. The PROMiXX™ vortex stimulates nature’s very own implosion reaction to oxygenate and re-energise your water – science tells us it could even improve bioavailability too. Designed for liquid and powder mixing or liquid substance blending, the PROMiXX™ opens up a world of mixing possibilities... From Protein supplements, fruit or vegetable supplements, through to omelettes milk shakes, baby formula or even your favourite cocktails. 

    Great on the go. Genius in the Gym.

    The perfect partner for every workout! Whether pre, post or intra- workout formulas, PROMiXX™ is the ultimate fitness accessory (just ask our athletes!).

    What the Athletes say about PROMiXX™

    PROMiXX™ mixers are used by some of the greatest athletes on the planet, to help them create the winning formulas to succeed in their chosen pursuit.
    Check out what athletes say about PROMiXX. Aled Davies MBE - Paralympian Gold Medal & World Record, Neale Cranwell - WPF Mr Universe, Rhys Williams - GB 400m hurdles & 2012 European Champion - all they are addicted to PROMiXX. 
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