• Groomingbox. Not Only for Men?

    Guess what? Groomingbox is not Only for Men anymore! ;)
    At least not this time. But don't get panic. We don't plan to skip to women's subscription box. Nothing like that. Next box will be as masculine, as you expect. Our team just likes that kind of "women's sympathy" towards Groomingbox and we want to share with you who has the "old Groomingbox" that you know, reached recently. 
    Today we have got in our hands this article by Charlotte "Glitzy" Josefsson - the founder and CEO Many women are real fitness freaks and "gym rats" as well. Yeah.. you know what I mean, right? Our team at Groomingbox is happy that with this edition of Groomingbox called "PLAYER" we have also reached many women who care for their bodies and who train on daily basis and right now we have also many female customers in our portfolio, as well. This tells us that there is a huge demand for these kind of stuff on the market, such as PROMiXX mixer, Superfood blends, sports earphones and other sports accessories that we offer in the recent Groomingbox issue PLAYER. We have directed this Groomingbox to all the active People in the world who are hungry for healthy life and healthy lifestyle accessories that we provide. We are happy to welcome all the women at! We welcome all the PLAYERS in the world! 

    Charlotte "Glitzy" Josefsson is a business woman passionate about the healthy lifestyle and her daily training routines in the gym. "Charlotte is a great role model on how to build your body, if you are a woman, and especially if you are looking for the efficient training's methods and lifestyle inspiration. I am very excited to welcome all these amazing and inspiring girls from Shape Me Up in the group of  Groomingbox fans, and generally all the women who happened to visit our website", says Alicja Chlebna, CEO Groomingbox.
    Check out Charlotte's blog and let us know what do you think about the recent edition of Groomingbox - PLAYER. Isn't it beautiful how Charlotte Glitzy makes her smoohie using the PROMiXX mixer from our Groomingbox PLAYER and the Energising Organic Super Blend...? We think it's lovely. :) Groomingbox - from today - is The Most Wanted box by Men & Women! It's gonna be a good weekend guys. Enjoy yours, ladies & gents. 

    Yours Groomingbox
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