• Review of the movie "The Great Gatsby"

    Stockholm May 18 th 2013

    Review of the film “The Great Gatsby”, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Co-stars Leonardo diCaprio and Carrey Mulligan.

    Yesterday we were at the cinema to see  “The Great Gatsby” in Stockholm at the premiere in Sweden. We would like to share our review with you. We had very big expectations on the movie and we are both amazed of the artistic piece of art that was presented in the cinema theatre. Baz Luhrmann managed to capture the essence and details of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.  The movie is elegant and well directed. It is smart, witty and playful although the actual plot itself is tragic in itself. Most of you have probably studied “The Great Gatsby” either in High School or in College. It  portrays the American dream that anybody from anywhere can reach the top and of course the pursuit of love is present. Gatsby reaches the peak in New York, the wealth, power and a residence in Long Island. He is a man with power and influence. What makes Gatsby unique from most others during this time in the 20’s in New York, is that he became rich with a romantic dream to seduce his old love Daisy and the theme is timeless. A man with big dreams that wants everything the world is willing to offer. Gatsby is not arrogant, he is a modest romantic that dresses in a stylish manner, a gentleman who is well connected. He is obsessed with his dream and the belief that he can repeat the past.

    We are confronted with the underdog against the establishment, new money challenging the old money, a topic that still today captures the interest of most people. The contrast between good and evil, and the contrast between virtue and decadence.

    Leonardo diCaprio, does an amazing performance playing Mr. Gatsby and captures his charisma, manhood, gentleness and elegance.  Most probably it’s a dream for every man to feel and be a “Gatsby”.  Who could resist that? The movie is splendid with beautiful scenes of New York. You feel part of the great time of the 20s in New York where money is flourishing and wealth is illuminated with beautiful cars, houses, parties and well-dressed  men and women. The tale of Gatsby will always last in literature and in the world of cinemas since it has all elements of a good Shakespeare play. The movie has to be seen! Luhrmann has managed to make it cool, witty and playful in comparison to the old movie starring the Robert Redford as Gatsby. The music that mixes present and past with jazz and music of today makes the show  a surrealistic masterpiece. We are actually going to see the movie again and once more we will read the novel. As to Leonardo diCaprio he should have a chance for the Academy Award with his magnificent performance.



    Alicja & Alfred



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