How it works?

 A. Subscribe every second month or Buy 1 ocassional Groomingbox

Do you like our second edition of Groomingbox themed "PLAYER"? If so, there are 3 ways to buy it! 

Option No 1. Subscribe to Groomingbox on a bi-monthly basis, which means that you can subscribe to the Groomingbox for 85 EUR  every 2nd month and receive your Groomingbox every 2nd month. In this case you sign up for 6 boxes (1 year subscription) and you are free to end the subscription at any time. The box will be delivered in the 2nd week of every second month. 

Option No. 2. Buy 1 Groomingbox occasionally - a perfect & unique giftbox! You can buy 1 occasional Groomingbox  at the price of 99 EUR. Try it out, buy it for a friend or treat yourself!

Option No 3. Subscribe to 2, 3 or 6 following editions of the Groomingbox at 70-79 € / per box, by paying upront for the chosen number of editions, and get the new edition every second month. 

If you want to be savvy & make a smart deal you can pay upfront for the chosen number of editions of the Groomingbox and save some money.

Buy   2 Groomingboxes upfront. Price 79 EUR/box  - save 12 EUR!

Buy   3 Groomingboxes upfront. Price 75 EUR/box - save 30 EUR!

Buy   6 Groomingboxes upfront. Price 70 EUR/box - save 90 EUR!

The market value of the Groomingbox is worth 170 EUR


B. Delivery & Shipment? offers FREE SHIPMENT to all Europeans countries. Outside Europe we ask our customers for 20 EUR to handle the freight expenses. 

The Groomingbox is an online subscription service delivering the Groomingbox in the 2nd week every 2nd month.


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